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What’s New

Companies with new products and innovation introduced after Jan. 1, 2015, will be identified with attention-grabbing yellow What's New! floor stickers to help you identify exhibitors with new offerings. Here is a list of just a sampling of the hundreds of new products/services that are on display at IFT16. View the full list of new products here.


InnoSweet™ Sprouted Wheat Powder

Briess Industries Inc., Booth 2160 InnoSweet™ Sprouted Wheat Powder is an innovative whole grain ingredient that offers sugar reduction while delivering all the nutrition of sprouted whole wheat. It is produced using a natural conversion process developed by Briess. www.briess.com

SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System

HACCP SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System

Best Sanitizers Inc., Booth 4417 The HACCP SmartStep™ Footwear Sanitizing System adds an additional layer of pathogen protection for food processing facilities by reducing crosscontamination from footwear before employees enter the production area or other critical control zones. www.bestsanitizers.com

Cured Meats

Bafos™ Veg

Bavaria Corp. International, Booth 4226 Bafos™ Veg is an innovative new approach to eliminate chemical nitrates in cured meat products by utilizing the naturally occurring nitrates in chard, spinach, and acerola allowing red color retention. This is a clean label USDA/FDA approved product. www.bavariacorp.com

Dried Cranberries

Reduced-Sugar Dried Cranberries

ATOKA Cranberries Inc., Booth 2677 Dried Cranberries containing less sugar (in 2 different formulations) are now available from ATOKA Cranberries. www.atokacranberries.com

Scale-Up Series Bench Top Dual Reactor Stand

Scale-Up Series Bench Top Dual Reactor Stand

Ace Glass Inc., Booth 115 The new Scale-Up Dual Stand delivers performance, while increasing capabilities and reducing time. By incorporating two stands into one, we put the power back in your hands. Our next generation reactor stand allows simultaneous reactions under one hood. www.aceglass.com