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What’s New

Companies with new products and innovation introduced after Jan. 1, 2015, will be identified with attention-grabbing yellow What's New! floor stickers to help you identify exhibitors with new offerings. Here is a list of just a sampling of the hundreds of new products/services that are on display at IFT16. View the full list of new products here.


Frozen Blackcurrant Juice NFC Magnus variety

Juice Products New Zealand, Booth 2088 Blackcurrant juice NFC is manufactured from sound, ripe New Zealand process grade blackcurrants. Magnus variety is used. It does not contain added sugar, preservatives, colorings or flavorings. www.jp-nz.com

Liquid Shio Koji

Liquid Shio Koji (salt with malted rice)

Hanamaruki Foods Inc., Booth 462 Liquid type salt malted rice koji produced by fermented rice koji and salt. Enzymes in the koji bring out the umami of food. Easy to measure and can be used like soy sauce or mirin sweet cooking sake. The liquid shio koji has 4 functions: Umami Enhancer: Increasing the amino acid, […]

Sieve Shaker

SS-3 Gilson Performer III 3in Sieve Shaker

Gilson Company Inc., Booth 4105 This powerful 3in Sieve Shaker is a quiet, compact benchtop unit designed for efficient separations of small samples of dry granular materials and fine powders including foods, chemicals and other materials ranging from No. 4 to No. 635 (4.75mm-20µm). www.globalgilson.com

Whey protein

SureProtein WPC550 – Whey Protein Concentrate

Fonterra (USA) Inc., Booth 4777 SureProtein WPC550 is a unique ingredient as it delivers the convenience of an ambient stable UHT beverage with high levels of whey protein, without compromising taste and texture, which is not possible with other commercially-available whey products. SureProtein WPC550 (Whey Protein Concentrate) is the latest addition to the NZMP range […]

Kneading dough in a factory


Enzyme Innovation, Booth 4062 SEBake PF can be used to strengthen the dough, improve dough mixing tolerance & machinability, as well as to enhance the gas retention capacity of the dough. The resultant baked goods thus have a more whiter & uniform crumb structure and also exhibit a significantly increased volume. SEBake PF is used for […]

Empro® E86

Emsland Group, Booth 755 Emsland Group’s Empro® E 86 is a clean label pea protein isolate with an excellent amino acid profile. Its emulsifying properties make it useful for meat and bakery products, as well as vegetarian and vegan products as protein source and binding agent. www.emsland-group.com


Wide Orifice Pipette 10mL

Dynalab Corp., Booth 3862 Product No.102774-0010 Wide Orifice Pipette Graduated PP 10mL with Blue Graduations and 0.1mL Subdivisions. The wide orifice pipette is for use with a pipettor and for sampling small volumes of viscous substances. It is reusable and made from translucent food grade polypropylene with easy to read blue graduations, ring marks and inscriptions. […]

Purple Corn

Purple Corn Juice Concentrate for Color

DDW “The Color House”, Booth 1809 DDW’s Purple Corn Juice Concentrate for color is a gold standard natural color. This non-GM vibrant red option with a neutral taste is gently produced and has a safe, sustainable, transparent supply chain. www.ddwcolor.com

Bread Rolls

Ensemble Non-PHO Emulsifiers

Corbion, Booth 1221 ENSEMBLE™ is a reengineered collection of Corbion’s most popular PHO containing emulsifiers: Each one is different, but they all share the same goal: to deliver drop-in functionality without sacrificing quality, handling and shelf stability www.corbion.com

Dried Figs

Allulose Liquid (High/Low Purity)

CJ America Inc., Booth 3677 Allulose is a sugar with almost zero-calories but has similar sweetness profile as regular sugar. It naturally exists in fruits such as raisins and figs. Allulose enables calorie reduction of foods, with pleasing taste at the same time. www.cjbio.net