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From IFT16

milk protein powder

Extrusion Improves Production of Powders

Highly porous food-grade powders with enhanced functionalities can be produced with the aid of extrusion technology.

Aidells Chorizo

Packaging Innovations for Minimally Processed Meats

Consumer interest in fresher, close to nature, and less processed foods are driving innovations in alternative processing techniques and flexible packaging.

Selecting fresh vegetables

Creating Safe Stabilized Fruits and Vegetables

Internationally renowned experts from research organizations and academia will present an overview of the state of the art of fruit and vegetable production, followed by presentations on intelligent application of nonthermal and thermal technologies for quality retention in fruit and vegetables.

Preserving Foods with Hyperbaric Storage

Studies of hyperbaric storage as a preservation method show that microbiological and physicochemical parameters remained similar or better compared to preservation by refrigeration.


Measuring the Impact of Nanotechnology on Food

Session 97 will explore opportunities and challenges in the use of nanotechnology in food applications.

Innovations in Biosensors for Food Quality and Safety

The use of biosensors as emerging technologies could revolutionize the study and detection of foodborne pathogens, contaminants, and biomarkers for food quality.

Food in garbage

Reducing Waste in the Global Food Chain

About one-third of food produced—1.3 billion tons/yr—ends up as loss or waste. In developing countries, the loss is due to bad storage and transportation and issues during harvesting. In developed countries, waste is mainly on the retail and consumer end.

‘Fresh’ Foods through High Pressure Processing

High pressure processing (HPP) has emerged to become a leading option for the production of meats, premium fruit juices, seafood, and vegetable soups that are healthier, fresher, more natural (reduced additives and preservatives for a clean label) and safe for extended shelf life.

Technological Advances in Emerging Nonthermal Separation

Internationally renowned experts from research organizations and academia will address the technological advances in low temperature concentration, fractionation, and separation.


Inactivating C. botulinum Spores by High Pressure Processing

U.S. and international speakers will share their research advancements on the inactivation and destruction of C. botulinum spores by high pressure processing.

Fruits and vegetables

New Technology to Ensure the Safety of Foods

In this session, speakers will provide food industry professionals with an in-depth understanding of electronic beam technology and provide specific case studies from the food industry where this technology is already making substantial improvements in the quality and safety of food products.

Using New Tools to Evaluate Food Decisions

In this presentation, speakers will describe a web-based application intended for nutrition educators to evaluate trade-offs between food product attributes in food decision-making.

From IFT15

Packaging That Retards Microbes … Naturally

Recent discoveries and innovations in bio-based packaging are revealed.

Innovation and Trends in New Product Development

This session provides an overview of the current status and future role of emerging processing and packaging technologies in food product development.

Mark Post

Meat Without Parents

Scientist Mark Post believes consumer acceptance of lab-grown meat is within reach.

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