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Packaging That Retards Microbes … Naturally

Recent discoveries and innovations in bio-based packaging are revealed.

Innovation and Trends in New Product Development

This session provides an overview of the current status and future role of emerging processing and packaging technologies in food product development.

Mark Post

Meat Without Parents

Scientist Mark Post believes consumer acceptance of lab-grown meat is within reach.

Nanotechnology-enabled Technologies for Food Safety Intervention

Nanotechnology enabled-strategies and technologies offer new, oftentimes revolutionary, methods to fight microbes in foods or food processing environments.

Shedding Light on Food Safety

Emerging technologies such as UV light, pulsed light, and LED light processing can inactivate pathogenic microorganisms while preserving the quality of foods.

spoiled food

Food Preservation: Natural Doesn’t Mean Easy

Finding and using natural preservatives presents challenges for the food industry.

Novel Strategies to Reduce Pathogens in Food

To keep foods safe and preserve product quality, there is growing interest in the development of minimal impact and nonthermal decontamination processes that will effectively inactivate pathogens.


No One Wants a Radicalized Lipid

Lipid oxidation causes problems; here are some solutions.

Fruit and Vegetables

Gaseous Antimicrobials to Enhance Microbial Food Safety

Gaseous antimicrobials may be more effective than aqueous sanitizers in destroying pathogens on fresh fruits and vegetables that reside in protected sites such as crevices, stomata, or cracks.

Packaging Materials to Enhance Food Quality and Safety

Packaging plays a vital role in preserving and ensuring safe food throughout the distribution chain.

Improving Dairy Processing Through Sustainable Technologies

New technologies may help dairy, food, and beverage processors to manufacture food more efficiently through reduced food waste, energy, water, and cleaning chemicals and add value to current waste streams.

Pizza dough

Developments in Refrigerated and Frozen Dough and Pizza

Experts discuss the ways that pizza dough formulators can incorporate better-for-you ingredients into their products without compromising texture and flavor, as well as shelf life and stability.

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