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EAS Offers New Strategic Consulting Service

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

At a press conference on Tuesday, July 19, EAS Consulting Group (booth 4728), a consulting, training, and auditing firm that specializes in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory matters, launched a new strategic consulting service to the food industry as they struggle to develop new foods and dietary supplements that meet the demands of today’s health conscious consumers.

Edward Steele, chairman and CEO, explained that EAS, which has been around since 1960 under various names and leadership, has developed a strong reputation in the food and supplement industry for being the go-to source for all things FDA-related. With more than 150 consultants worldwide, many of which have decades of experience in the regulatory field or industry, EAS has been in the business of helping the food industry comply with applicable laws and regulations. “This service will take it one step further by working with R&D, regulatory, and marketing managers who have to navigate in the absence of clear regulation,” explained Steele.

Bruce Silverglade, a well-known food attorney with many years of experience in the area of food law, nutrition labeling, and claims, has recently joined EAS and will be serving as the nucleus of its new strategic consulting service for product development and labeling. Other recent additions to EAS’ expert consultants include Neil Smith, formerly in regulatory affairs with Mondelez, and Chris Chatzidakis, who was most recently with ConAgra in R&D.

This core group, in addition to the larger group of EAS consultants, will be able to help address questions such as: Should your company disclose GMO ingredients, create “non-GMO” product line, or stay the course? What are the risks of self-defining “natural” foods including the risk of class action litigation challenging such claims? The new EAS strategic consulting service will provide solutions to companies confronting daunting product development and labeling issues by taking a holistic approach that considers a company’s marketing objectives and the current regulatory, compliance, and enforcement environment at the federal, state, and local levels.

EAS will be adding additional food industry veterans in support of this new service as needed. It sees a growing demand for highly experienced thought leaders to help executives in the food business market their products to meet the demands of the consumer while navigating the increasing complexities of the ever changing regulatory environment.

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