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Extrusion Improves Production of Powders

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

milk protein powderHighly porous food-grade powders with enhanced functionalities can be produced with the aid of extrusion technology, stated Gilles Maller with Clextral at Session 079 “Next Generation of Extrusion Processing: New Opportunities and Industrial Benefits” on Tuesday morning. Called extrusion porosification technology (EPT), the technique can transform highly viscous and heat-sensitive raw materials into powders with improved rehydration properties.

The system works by adding gas in an aeration zone in a twin-screw extruder, which feeds a high-solid stream of porous product into a spray dryer. Product applications include milk, flavors, coffee, oatmeal, milk protein concentrate, eggs, ice cream mix, probiotics, and highly viscous products that cannot be spray dried.

Research comparing EPT to conventional spraying drying of milk protein concentrate (85%) showed that the EPT-treated product was more spherical than the conventional spray dried product, resulting in faster dissolution and better solubility. Another study comparing EPT to conventional spraying drying of coffee concentrate revealed the that EPT-treated product had greater flavor retention.

In general, EPT offers improved cold water rehydration, better flavor retention, and energy savings. The spray dryer in the EPT system can operate at lower temperatures (i.e., 20–50°C) than conventional spray drying. There is no need to instantize products, and the EPT system can be cleaned-in-place (CIP).

Video: Coffee & Tea at IFT16 Food Expo

Monday, July 18th, 2016

After water, tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages around the world. Tea leaves and coffee beans are processed into stand-alone beverages, and they are also used to make extracts, flavors, and other ingredients for the bakery, processed food and beverage, and culinary industries. Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor of Food Technology magazine, talks to S&D Coffee and Tea (booth 2207) and Amelia Bay (booth 1660) about how they are utilizing coffee and tea in innovative applications.

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