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From IFT15

Mike Walsh

Food = Intersection of Technology & the Human Experience

Futurist Mike Walsh posed a lot of questions to a packed room of attendees on Monday morning aimed to inspire everyone to think differently about the future and to begin to ask the “dangerous questions.”

Searching for Sustainability in Food Production

Speakers will explore several aspects of sustainability as it relates to food production, touching on the potential of edible insects, the latest in postharvest produce storage, resource-saving sanitation practices, and the concept of sustainable packaging.

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Improving Food and Nutrition Policy

Former members of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee have some advice for the government.

Preparing Today’s Scientists to Create Tomorrow’s Foods

Food safety is becoming increasingly important to consumers, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t also expect creativity, quality, and innovation from what they choose to eat. With these demands growing, and as well as a desire for environmentally friendly and sustainable products, tomorrow’s class of food scientists may have even more to consider as they launch their careers.

Olive oil

Figuring Out Food Fraud: A Look at Resources

Economically motivated adulteration of food is a $10 billion problem for the industry. Experts identify some resources to help address it.

Michele Perchonok , Catherine Woteki, Sara Mortimore, Liz Myslik

Women Panelists Reflect on Leadership, Life, and More

Women with three powerful food industry careers shared stories about how they got where they are and what they have learned along the way in the Women in Food Science Business Panel.

Journal of Food Science

Publishing Research in a Peer-Reviewed Journal

This session leads attendees through all aspects of the peer-reviewed journal publishing experience and concludes with a panel discussion and Q&A with several journal editors.


Need to Know Info About Foreign Supplier Verification Regulations

Experts provide an update on issues and challenges associated with the proposed Foreign Supplier Verification Program for imported foods.


Mintel Intelligence Zone

The Mintel Intelligence Zone featured main stage product, trends, and food science presentations as well as the opportunity for attendees to interact with some of the world’s most successful and innovative products.

Sunday’s Primer Sessions

Designed to get attendees up to speed on key and/or complex topics that are affecting food science professionals and today’s rapidly evolving world. Offered on Sunday, July 12, from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m., these sessions aim to get your IFT15 Scientific Program experience off to a great start.

Innova Market Insights

Innova’s Taste the Trend Pavilion

Daily presentations on trending topics of marketplace significance will be featured at the Innova Market Insights Taste the Trend Pavilion in Booth 873.


Alternative Proteins

Plant-based proteins are a healthy alternative to animal-derived proteins.


New Paths to Food Traceability Best Practices

Two industry experts and one from IFT share information on best practices in food traceability.

Hot Topic: Global Regulations, Import Issues

Food importers will be, for the first time, required to manage food safety risks by identifying the types of hazards associated with their foods having a prevention program in place to meet the safety standards of specific foods.

Hot Topic: Transparency in the Food Industry

Transparency is a growing concern among consumers ranging from food safety to health and nutrition and everything in between.

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