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From IFT16

Taylor Wallace

Differentiating Trends and Fads—and Why It Matters

Hot Topic session panelists delve into the nuances of distinguishing between the two terms.

Bev Postma

How to Extinguish Hot Air

Pseudoscientists use fear as a weapon; here’s how to disarm them.

Tyler Dewitt

Thinking Smarter About Teaching Science

Fennema Lecturer Tyler DeWitt offers practical, specific tips and tactics for academics seeking to improve learning outcomes.

Controlling Foodborne Pathogens in an Age of Antimicrobial Resistance

Due to the rise of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, there is a crucial need for the development of safe and effective alternatives to antibiotics for use in the food industry.

Woman with protein smoothie

Protein: A Trend That’s Here to Stay

Protein plays an integral role in human health, and consumers are increasingly aware of its benefits. In this session, speakers will discuss the importance of protein in the human diet, how manufacturers can label protein claims, and upcoming changes in methods for determining protein quality.

Ben Goldacre

Science Isn’t Difficult; It’s Just Misunderstood

The most common study used in epidemiological studies is rubbish, according to Ben Goldacre—Sunday’s featured session presenter.

Jacques Rousseau

Scientific Breakthroughs Aren’t Always Pretty

The internet and social media have become highly effective tools for confirmation bias.

The Case for a Sustainable Supply Chain

Investing in sustainable practices can be good for a business’s bottom line as well as their reputation, and in this session, representatives from a variety of businesses will discuss the role sustainability plays in their operations.

Global supply chain

Coping With the Challenges of a Global Supply Chain

Session 63 will provide an update on the impact of international food regulations on the global supply chain.

Woman reading label

Up-to-Date Options for Clean Label Formulating

Session 23 will explore some of the challenges that ingredient companies are facing as they deal with increased demand for products that make clean label claims.

Women in coffee shop

Sensory Pros Debunk Myths

Early morning Sunday session clears up some common myths about sensory testing.

Mintel Booth

Mintel Intelligence Zone

The Mintel Intelligence Zone (booth 4953) will be home base for a number of the market intelligence company’s food and beverage industry analysts during IFT16.

Experience ePosters at IFT16

Thirty ePoster sessions will offer attendees a new and different way to access research on some important topics.

Are Consumers Heeding the Dietary Guidelines?

In this session, speakers will examine major consumer behaviors at retail and foodservice and will identify the drivers behind major food trends.

Produce at farmers market

Protecting Produce From Pathogens

The focus of Session 8 will be on strategies for ensuring the microbial safety of locally grown fresh produce.

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