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Product Development

From IFT15

Plant protein juices

Plant protein-enriched juices

NIZO Food Research, Booth 1718 A juice with visible plant protein pulp, giving an extra rich taste and mouthfeel. But for all, adding 5 grams of extra proteins, keeping muscles healthy and keeping you away from craving as the proteins give extra satiety. www.nizo.com

soft-serve ice cream

Low-cal soft serve ice cream

NIZO Food Research, Booth 1718 NIZO food research has produced the world’s first soft serve ice cream under 100 kcal based on protein technology. It contains very low-fat (0.8%) and 25% less sugar, yet tastes creamy and delicious. It contains only 99kcal instead 160 kcal per 100g. www.nizo.com


Foran Spice Company, Booth 535 BindEASE® is an all-natural sodium phosphate replacement that increases yield and maintains the texture and flavor of meats, including chicken, pork, beef and fish. www.foranspice.com

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