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What's New!

New Products, Services on Display

For the fifth year, the What’s New! program will return to the expo floor this summer. Hundreds of new products and services will be identified with an attention-grabbing yellow What’s New! logo.

Cooking Up Science

Cooking Up Science

Expert chefs, including The Next Iron Chef season three winner, Marc Forgione, will get their culinary creative juices flowing as participants in this popular program that will take place in booth 4487 on the show floor.

From IFT14

Cooking Up Science 2014 Recipes

IFT showcased exhibitors’ products through innovation and cooking demonstrations in our new “Cooking Up Science” Theater—Booth 5647. Each day of the IFT Food Expo, chefs showcased how exhibitor-sponsored ingredients can be used to make healthy and delicious meals.

Protein Video

Video: Ingredients Pack a Protein Punch

Consumers are increasingly looking for extra protein in their snacks and meals to keep their muscles in shape, help them curb hunger pains between eating occasions, and for general well-being. Many exhibitors at the 2014 IFT Food Expo showcased their protein ingredients for inclusion in a wide range of foods and drinks. Food Technology magazine’s […]

Natural Colors Video

Video: Natural Colors Shine at Food Expo

Many consumers today are demanding foods free from artificial dyes and colors, making it crucial for manufacturers to reformulate their products with naturally derived colorants. These colors must be light-, heat-, and pH-stable, yet they must also be vibrant and eye-catching to consumers. Companies are rising to the challenge by innovating new technologies to produce […]

Spicy Heat Video

Video: Spices Heat Up Food Expo

Now more than ever, the U.S. food market is a mix of foods that range in flavor from mild to spicy to downright blistering. Manufacturers are infusing food products with an array of spices—everything from adobo and anise to cumin, coriander, and chili peppers to paprika and turmeric. Food Technology magazine’s Executive Editor Mary Ellen […]

Fats & Oils Video

Video: Fat & Oil Solutions at Food Expo

Fats and oils are essential ingredients for the flavor and texture of foods. But having better-for-you options available is critical to the health of the population. So ingredient makers are working hard to deliver fats and oils with improved nutritional profiles. Food Technology magazine’s Executive Editor Mary Ellen Kuhn explored how Bunge and DuPont Pioneer […]

Clean Label video

Video: Clean Labels Showcased at Food Expo

More than ever before, consumers want to know exactly what is in their food. They want to recognize the ingredients listed and prefer natural foods with no additives or preservatives. This desire for a clean label has posed many formulation challenges for food manufacturers. Food Technology magazine’s Senior Digital Editor Kelly Hensel explored how Briess […]

Packaging Innovations from Retail to the Red Planet

In this Tuesday morning session titled “Seafood Packaging From Around the World to Out of This World,” speakers discussed recent advancements in packaging seen in the marketplace before addressing further packaging challenges as they relate to maintaining the quality of food during outer space travel. Moderated by Barbara Blakistone, Director of Scientific Affairs for the […]

Clean Label is the New Natural

There were 2,363 food product recalls in 2011. This is the fact that David Jago, Director of Innovation and Insight at Mintel, shared with attendees at the company’s Ingredients and Innovation Zone (Booth 1641) on Monday afternoon. “The result from all the product scares is that consumers trust companies less than they ever have before,” […]

Vegetables Are More Than a Side Dish

Try a variety of vegetable-inspired product concepts and learn how vegetable ingredients provide flavor, health attributes, texture, and visual appeal to products at Vegetable Juices Inc., Booth 3512. Cool off in the New Orleans heat by sampling Summer Spicy Gazpacho, a tomato-based soup served cold and made with watermelon, strawberries, and peaches blended with tomato […]

Boosting Protein with Dairy

Dairy proteins can help consumers maintain a healthy weight, curb hunger, enhance exercise recovery, and maintain muscle when part of a higher-protein diet, according to the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC), Booth 4529. Join experts from USDEC at the booth as they explain how various dairy proteins function in several different product prototypes. A Lentil […]

Life Is Like a Box of Bugs

Because of the deleterious effect animal agriculture has on the water supply and other natural reserves, new food sources must be considered. The practice of growing and consuming animals for protein is not sustainable. So what’s the alternative? Insects. During the session “Real Pioneers: Experience with Insect Ingredients, Processing, Products, and Marketing,” speakers discussed the […]

Ingredion Partners to Distribute Pulse Ingredients

Ingredion Incorporated (booth3641) has partnered with Alliance Grain Traders Inc. (AGT) to distribute its pulse flours, protein and bran ingredients in the United States, Canada, China, most of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Product applications for the ingredients range from baked goods to snacks and pasta. The announcement was made at the IFT […]

Challenges of Using Natural Antimicrobials in Foods

The desire for a cleaner label is just one reason that food scientists are turning to natural antimicrobials in foods, according to P. Michael Davidson, Univ. of Tennessee, who presented at the Monday morning session “Emulsion Based Delivery Systems for Introduction of Natural Antimicrobials into Foods.” Natural antimicrobials may offer expanded antimicrobial activity in addition […]

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