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From IFT16

Gummy bears

Ingredients to Boost Clean Label Efforts

Here is a sample of some of the ingredient suppliers at IFT16 showcasing their clean label ingredients.

GPC Showcases Students’ Prototypes

GPC will highlight products developed by Iowa State University students.

Video: Pulses at IFT16 Food Expo

Melanie Zanoza Bartelme, associate editor of Food Technology magazine chats with the US Dry Pea & Lentil Council (booth 1877) and Ingredion (booth 1231) about the power of pulses.

S&D Coffee and Tea

Video: Coffee & Tea at IFT16 Food Expo

Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor of Food Technology magazine, talks to S&D Coffee and Tea (booth 2207) and Amelia Bay (booth 1660) about how they are utilizing coffee and tea in innovative applications.

Consumers Come Clean About Clean Label and More

Monday morning session offers a window into consumers’ minds via new research and panel discussion.

Fruit smoothie

Eat Your Way Around the IFT16 Expo Floor: Part 2

Learn about trends affecting the food industry and how ingredients function in applications by sampling food and beverage product concepts that ingredient manufacturers are showcasing at the IFT16 food expo.


Study Finds Real Eggs Beat Replacers

Study shows that egg ingredients had a better overall performance than egg replacers in several different applications.

Video: Natural Colors

Video: Natural Colors at IFT16 Food Expo

In this video, Mary Ellen Kuhn, executive editor of Food Technology magazine, talks to Naturex (booth 2651) and Sensient (booth 1631) about some of the options that product developers have for keeping it colorful—and natural.

Cultured Meat

A Look at the Evolving World of Alternative Proteins

Cultured meat, pulses, and insects are among the high-profile alternative proteins considered by session presenters.

Woman savoring a snack

Exploring the Impact of Food Consumption on Sensory Perception

Session 69 will illustrate the way in which sensory and consumer science research can provide valuable information to product developers and marketers.


Insects: Food Fad or New Industry?

Various start-up companies offering novel insect-based foods and ingredients have entered the market in recent years, promising a source of high-quality animal protein with a substantially lower ecological footprint than vertebrate livestock. Is this a fad or can it move up to a full-scale industry?

Molecular gastronomy

Using Functional Ingredients to Drive Menu Trends

Culinology, the blending of culinary arts and food science, allows restaurant chefs to create amazing new menu items that will eventually inspire the future of consumer packaged products.

New Nutrition Facts Panel

New Regulatory Initiatives Will Shape Food Expo Offerings

Reviewing key policy and regulatory measures of the past year provides insight into food expo focuses.

Glazed doughnuts

Eat Your Way Around the IFT16 Expo Floor: Part 1

Sample a range of food and beverage product concepts formulated with ingredients that help product developers address consumer trends at the IFT16 food expo.


Looking to Nature for Color Inspiration

Manufacturers of coloring ingredients have increased their development efforts to introduce more naturally derived coloring options.

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