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From IFT15

Presenters Consider the Impact of Coming Dietary Policy Changes

IFT session presenters consider the impact of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines and the revision of the Nutrition Facts Panel.

The Shifting Definition of Dieting

In one of six main stage presentations put on in its booth (#5250), Mintel’s directors of innovation and insights Lynn Dornblaser and David Jago shared with attendees data on how consumers view dieting.


Do Gut Microbes Dislike Processed Foods?

Emulsifiers may be contributing to intestinal health problems.

How Gut Microbial Ecology Affects Health

It is well documented that the intestinal microbiota plays an important role in gastrointestinal development and function while regulating host inflammatory responses and immune homeostasis.

Demonstrating at the Transformation Lab

Take a Transformative Journey Through the Digestive Process

A brand-new feature of the food expo, the IFT Transformation Lab, takes visitors on a multisensory journey through the digestion process.

Packaged foods

Unwrapping Science, Wellness, and Value Aspects of Processed Foods

Speakers will discuss how perceptions about processed foods shape consumers’ purchasing and eating behaviors, as well as explore ways to reframe how packaged foods are positioned to improve customers’ understanding of the part they can play in helping them meet their nutritional goals.

Healthy Oils

Quality Over Quantity Matters for Fatty Acids

In Session 11 “Outlook on Healthy Oils,” which took place Sunday morning, three industry experts examined the latest science on fatty acids and put the data into context of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recommendations.

Understanding the Complex Chemistry of Dietary Fiber

Simulating the human digestive system and assuring capture and quantitation of the digestion resistant fraction of the food, combined with method reproducibility, are keys to solid methodology for dietary fiber labeling.

Replacing PHOs with High Oleic Vegetable Oils

High oleic vegetable oils can be used as substitutes for PHOs in food applications that require high stability.

The human brain

The Essential Benefits of Choline

Session 23 will discuss choline, an essential nutrient that has lifelong impact on cognition and memory, supports healthy vision, and has the ability to prevent and reverse fatty liver disease.


Exploring the Nutritional Value of Dietary Fiber

Session 40 will explore the role that dietary fiber plays in human health and offer deeper insights into the way it affects body fat, satiety, and glycemic control.

The Power of Probiotics

Probiotics can help fight disease, weight gain, and obesity, but they are easily affected by the harsh conditions inside the human body. This session aims to explore the value of probiotics and how to administer them effectively.

Lots to Digest in New 90-Minute Session on Gut Microbiota

A new Research Presentation & Poster Experience session at IFT15 is focusing on gut microbiota.

No artificial ingredients

Tips and Trends for Wellness Watchers at IFT15

As IFT15 food expo attendees search for new high-potential nutrition and wellness concepts and ingredients, here are six mega-trends to keep in mind.

Hot Topic: Child Nutrition

A new focus is on childhood nutrition and the thought is to address the most pressing challenges/developments in product development targeting nutrition for children.

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