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From IFT16

Weighty Issues for a Hefty Nation

Speakers suggest strategies for stemming the tide obesity.


Making Sure You Have a Pulse

A special group of foods may ensure that hearts keep functioning properly.

Buddha statuette

Nourishing the Zen Factor

Stressed out? Attend this session where speakers present data on food and nutrients that calm the mind.

The Acceptability and Health Benefits of Prebiotic Fibers

This symposium is an up-to-date examination of the prebiotic issue by presenting rapidly emerging science related to prebiotics, health, food, and food enrichment applications that could be valuable for nutritionists, product developers, and consumers.

Woman preparing meal

Consumer Trend Spotting at the Food Expo

Here’s a look at some of the year’s most important trends for which IFT16 attendees should be on the lookout.


Vitamin D-enriched Yeast Fortifies Bakery Products

A baker’s yeast product from Lallemand converts ergosterol to vitamin D2 when exposed to UV light. The vitamin D-enriched yeast can enhance the vitamin D2 content of bakery products, such as bread.

Food for Thought

Don’t miss the session where speakers will identify the nutrients necessary for optimal brain health

Gut microbiome

Fiber’s Role in a Healthy Gut

A packed house in the early morning session on Sunday, July 17, demonstrated the significance and popularity of the topic being discussed—the gut microbiome. The speakers discussed the effect prebiotic fibers have on the microbiome and potential health outcomes such as improved calcium absorption and bone strength.

Developing Foods to Meet Consumers’ Definition of Nutritious

In this session, speakers will explore potential opportunities and challenges, and conflicts that today’s expanded definition of “nutritious foods” has created in terms of safety, availability, sustainability, affordability, and the long-term challenge of feeding the world.

Stevia and honey

Integrating Clean Label Sweeteners Into Food Products

In recent years, the clean label movement has swept the food and beverage industry, with consumers demanding less processed, “better for you” products made without genetically modified ingredients (GM), and the sweeteners used in these applications are no exception.

Clean Label Product Innovation

Short Course Dives Into Clean Label Development

The Clean Label Product Innovation pre-event short course—one of 11 offered during IFT16—provided attendees with the latest ingredient and processing solutions to develop safe and successful clean label products.

Fruits and vegetables

Plant-Based Diets Prevent Disease: A Three-Part Symposium

In this session, speakers will identify the phytonutrients that confer healing properties to plant foods.

Addressing the Dysfunction Between Food Science and Nutrition Science

Check out this session that explores why the link between nutrition and food science is at times tenuous.

Olive oil

Updating the Role of Fats and Oils in Healthy Foods

In this session, speakers will explain how consumers interact with nutritional labels, review new science on fats and oils, and reveal new innovations in fat and oil ingredients.

From IFT15

vegetables and fruits

Every Meal Is an Opportunity to Improve Health

More and more evidence shows the benefit of eating whole plant foods.

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