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From IFT15

Fruit and Vegetables

Gaseous Antimicrobials to Enhance Microbial Food Safety

Gaseous antimicrobials may be more effective than aqueous sanitizers in destroying pathogens on fresh fruits and vegetables that reside in protected sites such as crevices, stomata, or cracks.

Packaging Materials to Enhance Food Quality and Safety

Packaging plays a vital role in preserving and ensuring safe food throughout the distribution chain.

Food label

Short Course Examines Food Labeling Regulations

2015 short course on labeling provided participants with a framework for understanding food labeling regulations and claims.

Rockit Bar & Grill

Meet Other New Professionals

Have you been in your career for 10 years or less? On Sunday, July 12 you have the opportunity to meet other new professionals at the New Professionals Mixer.

Phi Tau Sigma & IFT Announce Division Posters Winners

On Saturday afternoon, Phi Tau Sigma and IFT paid tribute and awarded student finalists of the division poster competition.

2015 IFT Fellows

Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred on individuals with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience for their contributions to the food science and technology field.

Replacing PHOs with High Oleic Vegetable Oils

High oleic vegetable oils can be used as substitutes for PHOs in food applications that require high stability.

Improving Dairy Processing Through Sustainable Technologies

New technologies may help dairy, food, and beverage processors to manufacture food more efficiently through reduced food waste, energy, water, and cleaning chemicals and add value to current waste streams.


Mintel Intelligence Zone

The Mintel Intelligence Zone featured main stage product, trends, and food science presentations as well as the opportunity for attendees to interact with some of the world’s most successful and innovative products.

The human brain

The Essential Benefits of Choline

Session 23 will discuss choline, an essential nutrient that has lifelong impact on cognition and memory, supports healthy vision, and has the ability to prevent and reverse fatty liver disease.

Sunday’s Primer Sessions

Designed to get attendees up to speed on key and/or complex topics that are affecting food science professionals and today’s rapidly evolving world. Offered on Sunday, July 12, from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m., these sessions aim to get your IFT15 Scientific Program experience off to a great start.

Innova Market Insights

Innova’s Taste the Trend Pavilion

Daily presentations on trending topics of marketplace significance will be featured at the Innova Market Insights Taste the Trend Pavilion in Booth 873.


Alternative Proteins

Plant-based proteins are a healthy alternative to animal-derived proteins.


Exploring the Nutritional Value of Dietary Fiber

Session 40 will explore the role that dietary fiber plays in human health and offer deeper insights into the way it affects body fat, satiety, and glycemic control.

The Power of Probiotics

Probiotics can help fight disease, weight gain, and obesity, but they are easily affected by the harsh conditions inside the human body. This session aims to explore the value of probiotics and how to administer them effectively.

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