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From IFT15

Nanotechnology-enabled Technologies for Food Safety Intervention

Nanotechnology enabled-strategies and technologies offer new, oftentimes revolutionary, methods to fight microbes in foods or food processing environments.

Shedding Light on Food Safety

Emerging technologies such as UV light, pulsed light, and LED light processing can inactivate pathogenic microorganisms while preserving the quality of foods.

spoiled food

Food Preservation: Natural Doesn’t Mean Easy

Finding and using natural preservatives presents challenges for the food industry.

Novel Strategies to Reduce Pathogens in Food

To keep foods safe and preserve product quality, there is growing interest in the development of minimal impact and nonthermal decontamination processes that will effectively inactivate pathogens.

Crickets and mealworms

Competition Seeks Winning Bug-Based Formulations

Developing Solutions for Developing Countries student teams will compete in finals at IFT15 with formulations that feature insects as an ingredient.

Journal of Food Science

Publishing Research in a Peer-Reviewed Journal

This session leads attendees through all aspects of the peer-reviewed journal publishing experience and concludes with a panel discussion and Q&A with several journal editors.


Need to Know Info About Foreign Supplier Verification Regulations

Experts provide an update on issues and challenges associated with the proposed Foreign Supplier Verification Program for imported foods.

Ingredion Explores the New, Next, Now of Ingredient Development

Ingredion will feature a range of ingredients that address new food and ingredient development, healthy eating, and label-friendly ingredients.


No One Wants a Radicalized Lipid

Lipid oxidation causes problems; here are some solutions.

2015 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award

Four Innovations That Should Turn Heads

IFT presented four companies exhibiting at the IFT15 food expo with the 2015 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award.

IFTSA & Mars Competition Adds an International Element

Six finalist student teams will compete in the IFTSA & Mars Product Development Competition at IFT15.

Shoppers in grocery store

Keeping It Transparent: Formulating Clean Label Products

The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the movement toward clean label and its consumer drivers and to identify the hierarchy of attributes that define clean label, including differences among demographic groups.

Product Concepts Highlight Trends in Denatured Spirits, Wine Reductions

Mizkan Americas Food Ingredients Division will feature product concepts made with ingredients from its line of cooking wines, chile peppers, wine and vinegar reductions, denatured spirits and bitters, vinegars, and wine powders.

Ice cream

New Student Competition Focuses on Ingredient Innovation

IFT Global Student Innovation Challenge sponsored by Tate & Lyle challenges graduate student competitors to come up with an innovative ingredient that will function in a dairy dessert.

Stephen Taylor Receives Appert Award

Stephen Taylor Receives Appert Award

Stephen L. Taylor, PhD, professor and co-director, Food Allergy Research & Resource Program, Department of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska, was honored as the recipient of the 2015 Nicolas Appert Award on Saturday, July 11, at the Awards Celebration.

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