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From IFT15

Grocery shopping

Keeping Fresh Foods Fresh

The perimeter of the store and its assortment of fresh bakery, meat, dairy, produce and prepared foods are stealing market share from the center aisles.

Preparing Today’s Scientists to Create Tomorrow’s Foods

Food safety is becoming increasingly important to consumers, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t also expect creativity, quality, and innovation from what they choose to eat. With these demands growing, and as well as a desire for environmentally friendly and sustainable products, tomorrow’s class of food scientists may have even more to consider as they launch their careers.

Innova Market Insights

Innova Gives the ‘All Clear’ for a New Industry Standard

Innova Market Insights’ Taste the Trend exhibit highlights the year’s Top 10 Trends. ‘From Clean to Clear Label” leads the list.

Mark Post

Meat Without Parents

Scientist Mark Post believes consumer acceptance of lab-grown meat is within reach.

Olive oil

Figuring Out Food Fraud: A Look at Resources

Economically motivated adulteration of food is a $10 billion problem for the industry. Experts identify some resources to help address it.

Career Fair

Record-Breaking Career Fair

The IFT15 Career Center Live Networking Event that took place Sunday, July 12, had a record-breaking 30 companies in attendance, all looking to hire talented food industry professionals for a variety of roles.

Demonstrating at the Transformation Lab

Take a Transformative Journey Through the Digestive Process

A brand-new feature of the food expo, the IFT Transformation Lab, takes visitors on a multisensory journey through the digestion process.

Packaged foods

Unwrapping Science, Wellness, and Value Aspects of Processed Foods

Speakers will discuss how perceptions about processed foods shape consumers’ purchasing and eating behaviors, as well as explore ways to reframe how packaged foods are positioned to improve customers’ understanding of the part they can play in helping them meet their nutritional goals.

Cooking Up Science

Stevia Ingredient Solutions for Dairy Applications

Soon after the IFT15 food expo floor opened on Sunday, July 12, Andy Chlebana, pastry chef at Joliet Junior College and winner of Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship, demonstrated two recipes using PureCircle’s new stevia Matrix Solutions line in the Cooking Up Science event booth.

Healthy Oils

Quality Over Quantity Matters for Fatty Acids

In Session 11 “Outlook on Healthy Oils,” which took place Sunday morning, three industry experts examined the latest science on fatty acids and put the data into context of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recommendations.

Competition Adds a Dash of Disney Magic to Product Development

Five finalist teams will compete in the last phase of the Disney—IFTSA Product Development Competition: Nutritious Food for Kids.

Michele Perchonok , Catherine Woteki, Sara Mortimore, Liz Myslik

Women Panelists Reflect on Leadership, Life, and More

Women with three powerful food industry careers shared stories about how they got where they are and what they have learned along the way in the Women in Food Science Business Panel.

CFS Breakfast Group

Newest Certified Food Scientists Honored, Recognized at CFS Breakfast

Several Certified Food Scientists (CFS) gathered this morning for the annual CFS Networking Breakfast and Celebration. The event was a way for credential holders to network and get the latest updates on the program.

Understanding the Complex Chemistry of Dietary Fiber

Simulating the human digestive system and assuring capture and quantitation of the digestion resistant fraction of the food, combined with method reproducibility, are keys to solid methodology for dietary fiber labeling.

Woman enjoying ice cream

Understanding Consumers’ Long-Term Relationships With Food Products

What are the factors that help make a product a success in the marketplace over the long haul? This session will offer some answers.

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