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From IFT15

Mike Walsh

Food = Intersection of Technology & the Human Experience

Futurist Mike Walsh posed a lot of questions to a packed room of attendees on Monday morning aimed to inspire everyone to think differently about the future and to begin to ask the “dangerous questions.”

insect based foods

Exploring the Brave New World of Insect-Based Ingredients

Insect-based ingredients are a nutritious, sustainable protein source, and interest is growing in the use of insects to help feed the world’s growing population. But product developers must be aware of issues related to food safety and allergenicity.

sweet potatoes

Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients Inc. Debuts Clean-Label Products

At a press event on Monday, July 13, Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients highlighted its sweet potato ingredients, which provide nutritional benefits and are sourced from domestically grown sweet potatoes.

VIDEO: Trans-Fat-Free Alternatives to PHOs

Bob Swientek, Editor-in-Chief of Food Technology magazine, talks to IOI Loders Croklaan Americas and Qualisoy about how they are helping product developers meet the challenge of removing partially hydrogenated oils while maintaining the functional requirements of taste, texture, and shelf life.

Searching for Sustainability in Food Production

Speakers will explore several aspects of sustainability as it relates to food production, touching on the potential of edible insects, the latest in postharvest produce storage, resource-saving sanitation practices, and the concept of sustainable packaging.

Prebiotics & Probiotics at IFT15

VIDEO: Prebiotics & Probiotics at IFT15

Mary Ellen Kuhn, Executive Editor of Food Technology magazine, talks with Ganeden and AIDP about their prebiotics and probiotics—two important contributors to maintaining a healthy gut.

Sweeteners at IFT15

VIDEO: Sweetener Solutions at IFT15

Kelly Hensel, Senior Digital Editor of Food Technology magazine, talks to Tate & Lyle and Cargill about their innovative sweetener solutions on display at IFT15.


Fresh Insights Into Fermented Functional Foods

Session 121 will present information on the latest developments in fermented functional foods, highlighting benefits and identifying technology gaps and opportunities.

Healthy Grains

VIDEO: Healthy Grains at IFT15

Melanie Zanoza Bartelme, associate editor for Food Technology magazine, talks to Ardent Mills and Bay State Milling, who are showcasing healthy grain ingredients at the IFT15 food expo.

How Gut Microbial Ecology Affects Health

It is well documented that the intestinal microbiota plays an important role in gastrointestinal development and function while regulating host inflammatory responses and immune homeostasis.

Packaging That Retards Microbes … Naturally

Recent discoveries and innovations in bio-based packaging are revealed.

Innovation and Trends in New Product Development

This session provides an overview of the current status and future role of emerging processing and packaging technologies in food product development.

Jungbunzlauer Offers Solutions to Reducing Sodium and Sugar

Two product concepts from Jungbunzlauer illustrate functions of its ingredients in reduced-sodium and reduced-sugar products.

SK Food Features Crispy Ancient Grain Ingredient

New ancient grain ingredient is introduced by SK Food International.

MyPlate Logo

Improving Food and Nutrition Policy

Former members of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee have some advice for the government.

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