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From IFT14

Official 2012 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo Wrap Up

IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo® June 25–28, Las Vegas, Nev. Food professionals from all over the globe gathered in Las Vegas for the IFT 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo® June 26–28, 2012, to make this year’s event a huge success. Attracting over 18,000 registrants from all 50 states and nearly 80 countries, this […]

Establishing the Taste for Nutrition

Before their second birthday, many children have begun to develop preferences for processed carbohydrates, in the form of added sugars and sugar-sweetened beverages, and sodium. As a consequence, scientific evidence shows that susceptibility for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are rooted early in life. Several factors conspire to predispose children to consume diets that may […]

IFT11 College Bowl audience

IFTSA Student Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the IFT Student Association 2012 Competition Winners! And thanks to all the finalist teams that participated. Product Development Competition, sponsored by Mars: • 1st place: Cornell University — Dough TEMPtations • 2nd place: Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison — Cranberry POPlers • 3rd place: Ohio State Univ. — UnBeetable Burger Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition: • Domestic: […]

TIC Gums Inc.: Booth 421

Trend: Rediscovering Texture – Snap, Crackle, & Pop Product: Ticaloid Syrup SF1 Reduce carbohydrate and calorie intake without losing the texture. Sugar free products available today tend not be accurate representations of their full sugar counterparts. Once sugar is removed, not only is the sweetness lost but so is the texture. The sweetness can be […]

Getting Real About Dairy

Four out of 10 consumers are interested in foods and beverages that they consider to be real, fresh, or natural, industry research shows. Marketers and researchers at the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy recently set out to confirm that this interest is indeed “real” and not merely a fad, and on Thursday, June 28, they […]

Glanbia Nutritionals: Booth 1241

Trend: Rediscovering Texture – Snap, Crackle, & Pop Product: OptiSol 5300 OptiSol 5300 is an all-natural, highly-functional ingredient derived from flaxseed that can show as much as 50% cost savings over guar and other gum systems. OptiSol 5300’s fibrous hydrocolloid mucilage and protein network provide synergistic functionality for a broad range of applications such as […]

Medallion Labs: Booth 2069

Trend: Food Safety Solutions Product: Heavy Metals Testing Package Medallion Labs is pleased to announce the extensive improvements to our nutritional elemental and heavy trace metals testing program. We have upgraded our instrumentation to an ICP-MS system which will allow us to give you results in the parts per billion rather than parts per million. […]

Morton Salt Inc.: Booth 2559

Trend: The Evolution of Sodium Reduction Product: Fine KaliSel Potassium Chloride At Morton Salt, we offer sodium reduction solutions to food manufacturers, in addition to our full line of common and specialty salt products.  It may seem counter-intuitive for a salt specialist to provide sodium reduction solutions, but the food industry and consumers want more […]

D.D. Williamson: 1551

Trend: Emerging Flavors and Colors Product: Natural Color In today’s uncertain economic times throughout most regions around the world, consumers seek safe, stable, and reliable products. Food and beverage consumers are turning toward the strong and grounded staples—fruit and vegetable hues. DDW has identified and named two natural hues which exhibit this 2012 trend: “Pumpkin […]

Beckman Coulter: Booth 3651

Trend: Rediscovering Texture – Snap, Crackle, & Pop Product: LS13320 Particle Size Analyzer 6.01 The LS 13 320 series is the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analyzer available today. Using the Fraunhofer and Mie theories of light scattering, the LS 13 320 series offers the highest resolution, reproducibility, and unsurpassed accuracy. In […]

Muntons Malted Ingredients: Booth 130

Trend: Emerging Flavors and Colors Product: Maltichoc Maltichoc, a new ingredient designed to enhance chocolate baked goods, while also reducing raw material costs is a blend of roasted malt flours and dried malt extracts. It has a bitter/roasted flavor, with a sweet background flavor. Maltichoc compliments and extends bitter chocolate notes perfectly in a range […]

Lallemand: Booth 2355

Trend: The Evolution of Sodium Reduction Product: Whole-Lyfe 985A Lallemand Whole-Lyfe products are developed from primary and/or brewer’s whole cell yeasts.  Autolysates function to improve savory flavor, texture, and mouthfeel in food products. They are also effectively used for salt reduction. These cost effective flavor enhancers are especially developed to improve flavor and texture in […]

Almagine Flour

Whole Algalin Flour

Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals’ (booth 1961) debuts its Almagine HL Whole Algalin Flour, a new food ingredient available in different forms and fully flexible to meet varying nutrition profiles. It provides natural emulsifiers (phospholipids and mono/diglycerides), is an “all in one” dry mix formulation, enhances texture in food formulations, and is easy to use.

Wellness Takes on a New Meaning for Consumers

As more Americans become take an active interest in their health, it has become apparent that wellness doesn’t just correspond to the nutrients in their food. It has become an integral part of consumers’ everyday lives. In the presentation “Formulating & Marketing for Health,” Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation & Insight at Mintel, explained how […]

Fat Profits from Slim Calories

It may seem logical to place the responsibility for making better food choices squarely on consumers, but food manufacturers bear at least some responsibility as they develop the foods that consumers eat. But can food manufacturers develop lower calorie foods and still make a profit? In the session “Cut the Calories, Not the Profit” on […]

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