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Vitamin D-enriched Yeast Fortifies Bakery Products

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BreadVitamin D has recently taken on greater prominence in the U.S. now that the new Nutrition Facts panel will require this “nutrient of public health concern” to appear on package labels. Both the % daily value (DV) and the actual quantities of vitamin D will be required on the Nutrition Facts panel.

Few foods, however, naturally contain vitamin D. Given the interest in increasing vitamin D consumption in our diets, industry has responded with novel approaches to include vitamin D in more foods. One of those approaches is a baker’s yeast product from Lallemand Bio-Ingredients that converts ergosterol to vitamin D2 when exposed to UV light. The vitamin D-enriched yeast can enhance the vitamin D2 content of bakery products, such as bread.

Studies have shown that the vitamin D2 is stable in bread products over 14 days and that the bioavailability of vitamin D2 is comparable to vitamin D3. Researchers are studying the use of the specialty yeast in animal feeds for dairy cows and laying hens to increase the vitamin D2 content in milk and eggs.

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