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Visit the IFTNext Hub to Help Shape IFT17

BY: Bob Swientek
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Do you want to have a say in the programming and activities for the IFT17 event in Las Vegas? Well, here’s your chance to provide your ideas and input. Visit the IFTNext Hub in the back of the S100 ballroom in McCormick Place.

IFTNext HubHere you will find a dynamic setting where you can connect and collaborate with your colleagues and make new friends, engage in interactive digital discussions on current issues and future trends, and experience a taste of what’s coming in 2017.

The centerpiece of the IFTNext Hub is a 60-foot wide by 10-foot high video wall screen, which will display topical content around four major food science and technology themes and critical global issues facing food professionals. These topics embrace CRISPR-Cas Genome Editing, Food Safety & Foodborne Illness, Personalized Nutrition, and Consumer Trends with corresponding subtopics of whole genome sequencing, Big Data, global supply chains, and microbiome.

The fast-paced videos will present more than 100 “Did you know … factoids,” thought-provoking questions related to the four themes and subtopics, and poll questions on timely issues, such as GMO labeling in the U.S. Some of the questions will be open-ended while others will be multiple choice. Participants can answer the questions via FXP Touch technology, which will provide poll results in real time.

The IFTNext Hub will also feature whiteboard tables where facilitated discussions will come to life through sketches. The tables have built-in power outlets to allow you to recharge your smartphone while you visualize ideas. Brand ambassadors will be on hand to enhance your Hub experience and answer questions, while daily small-group Innovation Zone presentations will keep you abreast of emerging trends and technologies.

The IFTNext Hub will be open Sunday and Monday from 10 am to 5 pm and Tuesday from 10 am to 2 pm.

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