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Preserving Foods with Hyperbaric Storage

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Hyperbaric Storage of Foods With No Temperature Control as a New Food Preservation Methodology as a Possible Alternative to Refrigeration
Session 080
Tuesday, July 19, 8:30–10:00 a.m.
Room S502

Physical food preservation (refrigeration and freezing) processes slow down or inhibit microbial growth, but exhibit high energy consumption with associated economic and environmental issues like ozone depletion and global warming. In the 1970s, the sunken research submarine Alvin revealed the possibility to use pressure as a complement to refrigeration when foods recovered from the submarine were found to be edible after 10 months at 1540 m (~150 atm/15 MPa) at 3-4°C.

Recently, studies have been performed on the use of pressure alone as a preservation method. This new preservation methodology is becoming known as hyperbaric storage (HS) and since 2012, several works were published that demonstrated the HS feasibility in different food products. The results obtained so far showed that microbiological and physicochemical parameters remained similar or better compared to preservation by refrigeration. Moreover, HS is an environmentally friendly food preservation methodology since it only involves energy costs during compression and decompression phases.

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