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Newest Certified Food Scientists Celebrated at IFT16

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Colin DennisThe newest Certified Food Scientists (CFS) were honored and recognized at IFT16 during the annual CFS Networking Breakfast and Celebration on Sunday, July 17.  The event was a way for credential holders to network and get the latest updates on the program.  IFT President Colin Dennis, and International Food Science Certification Commission (IFSCC) Chair Ivette Bassa, were on hand to personally congratulate the latest professionals to join them by earning the credential.  Both Dennis and Bassa are Certified Food Scientists themselves.

IFSCC is the independent, third-party certification body within IFT that oversees the testing, governance, and policymaking of the CFS program. With the last testing window, the number of Certified Food Scientists has now grown to more than 1,800 from 55 countries.

“The field of food science is constantly changing, and the CFS program is a great way for professionals and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to staying on top of the latest advancements,” said Bassa.  “On behalf of IFSCC, I would like to congratulate the newest Certified Food Scientists and the organizations they represent for their commitment to lifelong learning.”

CFS certification The CFS certification program recognizes a professional’s knowledge and applied skills in the science of food. In order to obtain a CFS, a candidate must meet the eligibility requirements and successfully pass a rigorous exam. The program itself complements both academic and work experience, and ultimately, helps demonstrate the profession’s commitment to safe, nutritious, and plentiful food for consumers. The credential was designed to meet standards of internationally-recognized certification programs—the International Standards Organization (ISO) 17024 standard for personnel certification programs.

Those looking to learn more about how becoming a CFS can benefit your organization and career, and tips on how to prepare, are encouraged to attend the CFS Info Session today, Monday, July 18 at 2:30 p.m. in the CFS lounge (room N231).

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