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Up-to-Date Options for Clean Label Formulating

BY: Mary Ellen Kuhn
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Woman reading labelSession 23
Sunday, July 17; 2–3:30 pm.
Room S402ab

Who in the food industry isn’t talking about clean label these days? As presenters in Session 23, “The Clean Label Market and How to Overcome Formulation Challenges Using Functional Clean Label Ingredients,” point out, clean label is much more than a trend—it’s reached the mainstream. This session has been planned to offer an overview of trends that are currently important in the clean label space and also present a preview of how they are expected to evolve.

Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at research firm Innova Market Insights, will set the stage for the discussion by sharing some important market trends, including statistics on the frequency of clean label product launches. A series of presentations in the symposium will explore some of the challenges that ingredient companies have faced as they deal with increased demand for products that make clean label claims.

Amogh A. Ambardekar, who specializes in grains and oilseed research, will discuss the use of fiber and proteins that deliver on clean label requirements while also providing required functional attributes including texture, viscosity, and structure. Daniel Grazaitis, beverage technology manager at TIC Gums, will share his insights into the impact of clean label demands on hydrocolloid ingredient reformulation and present a beverage application case study. The baking category will be the focus in a presentation on clean label solutions for industrial baking by Guohua Feng, a research fellow and manager of industrial ingredients for Corbion. Feng’s presentation will address the challenges in trying to replace chemical dough conditioners, chemical crumb softeners, and chemical preservatives with alternative clean label ingredients. Mike Beavan, director of technical services for Watson Inc., will also discuss the bakery products category, zeroing in on ingredients such as cultured flours, natural emulsifiers, mechanically modified fibers, and whole grains. Weizhu Hu, vice president of R&D with TIC Gums, will introduce the session.

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