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Looking to Nature for Color Inspiration

BY: Karen Nachay
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CupcakesIn the last few years, food manufacturers both large and small have reformulated their products to remove synthetic colorings. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has deemed these color ingredients safe, but this has not satisfied some consumers who demand that food products be made with naturally derived ingredients. As this demand has increased, manufacturers of coloring ingredients have increased their development efforts to introduce more naturally derived coloring options that provide manufacturers with the opportunity to give these consumers what they desire.

Several colorings manufacturers are exhibiting at IFT16, where they are displaying naturally derived colors in a rainbow of hues and offering product concepts that show their vibrancy. ColorMaker (booth 4338) has developed a line of natural color blends that mimic synthetic colors in royal icings and buttercream frostings. Visit the booth to see cakes and cookies decorated with them. Naturex (booth 2651) is showcasing its naturally derived colorings in a creative way by having booth visitors create their own colorful ice cream sundaes. At the Naturex ice cream parlor, visitors can customize their ice cream with ingredients made from naturally derived coloring sources such as spirulina for blue hues. Colorful, glittery sparkles will be available to top the sundae and add a whimsical touch.

DDW (booth 1809) has developed Purple Corn Juice Concentrate that functions as a red color option. Solvents are not used to produce the ingredient, which is labeled as “vegetable juice for color.” The company is also showcasing EmulsiTech Clear Paprika and Beta-Carotene Natural Color Emulsions. The technology used to create these two ingredients helps give them increased stability to heat, acid, and light. Chr. Hansen (booth 3444) is featuring some of its newest naturally derived colorings, such as Ultra Stable Red, which is derived from vegetable sources to match Red #40, and I-Colors, powdered colors for use in seasonings, powder beverages, and snack foods.

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