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Integrating Clean Label Sweeteners Into Food Products

BY: Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
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Trends and Ingredient Solutions for Clean Label/Non-GM Sweeteners
Session 043
Monday, July 18; 10:30 a.m.–noon
Room S403

In recent years, the clean label movement has swept the food and beverage industry, with consumers demanding less processed, “better for you” products made without genetically modified ingredients (GM), and the sweeteners used in these applications are no exception. To answer these desires, manufacturers have turned to “off the kitchen shelf” options like honey and agave, sweeteners derived from fruit concentrates, and ingredients such as syrups and maltodextrins sourced made from sources ensured to be non-GM, including tapioca, potato, and rice.

Stevia and honeyIn this session, speakers will present market trends and consumer behavior with regard to clean label and non-GM sweeteners and their labeling, as well as the application, perception, and nutrition aspects of common clean label sweeteners as well as novel sweeteners derived from tapioca and potato. It will also highlight fruit-based sweeteners and discuss the challenges associated with using fruit concentrates and syrups and their blends as sweeteners. The session will conclude with a comparison of the temporal profiles of clean label high potency sweeteners and that of sugar and will demonstrate how flavor tools such as flavor modulators can be developed to overcome taste deficiencies associated with these alternatives.

Presented by Steve French, Adams Berzins, Erin S. Marinan, Andrew Daniher, Didem Icoz, and Ioana Ungureanu

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