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Developing Foods to Meet Consumers’ Definition of Nutritious

BY: Kelly Hensel
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Let’s Get Real: Does Food Science Promote or Undermine Nutrition?
Session 057
Monday, July 18, 12:30–2:00 p.m.
Room S503

Nutritional science-based dietary guidance has been a major driver for trends in food production and consumer demands. However, consumer expectations have expanded the notion that nutritious foods are also foods grown and formulated to respond to factors of social responsibility, environmental impact, connected to nature, minimal processing, and limited use of ingredients. Many are shying away from foods from “big food” companies in favor of smaller ones closer to home. Furthermore, they distrust certain processes, ingredients, and packaging practices, even those that enhance safety and nutrition.

In addition to challenges of providing foods that are safe, appealing, nutritious, and affordable, food and nutrition scientists are now faced with delivering cleaner, natural, fresh, local, and sustainable foods. This session explores potential opportunities and challenges, and conflicts/friction that today’s expanded definition of “nutritious foods” has created in terms of safety, availability, sustainability, affordability, and the long-term challenge of feeding the world. Do food science and technology provide the tools to meet the expanded demands? Have the expanded consumer demands exceeded the intent of the dietary guidance?

Presented by Mario Ferruzzi, Robert C. Post, Mary Christ-Erwin, and Farida Mohamedshah.


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