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Coping With the Challenges of a Global Supply Chain

BY: Mary Ellen Kuhn
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Session 63
Monday, July 18; 2:15–3:45 p.m.
Room S501abc

Global supply chainThe food industry is a global business, and all those who import and export products and ingredients must be prepared to address an often confusing array of regulations that vary from one market to the next. GMOs, colors, pesticides, and food additives are of particular concern. These key ingredient topics and others will be explored in Session 63, “The Impact of International Food Regulations on the Global Supply Chain: An Update.” Presenters will share industry perspectives and real world examples, helping to ensure that attendees are in the know about recent regulatory changes.

Christine Summers, senior director of global product safety and quality for Costco, will discuss how to develop or adapt product specifications in order to meet regulations in multiple countries, sharing case studies as part of her presentation. Canadian food professional and entrepreneur Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez will consider regulatory changes that have taken place in the Canadian marketplace, interpreting their impact in a global context.

Other presenters include Kanika Bhargava, assistant professor of food science at the University of Central Oklahoma, and Ana Paula Craig, a postdoctoral research associate at Federal University of Minas Gerais.

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