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Technological Advances in Emerging Nonthermal Separation

BY: Leslie Pappas
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Emerging Nonthermal Separation Technologies
Session 021
Sunday, July 17, 2:00–3:30 p.m.
Room S505

Internationally renowned experts from research organizations and academia will address the technological advances in low temperature concentration, fractionation, and separation. They will also discuss process performance, design, optimization, scale-up, and industrialization of the respective technologies.

Karin Schroen with Wageningen Univ. will discuss how shear induced migration and particle skimming can positively affect membrane microfiltration and fractionation. Kai Knoerzer with CSIRO will examine the use of high frequency ultrasound or megasonics for separation and the application of megasonics in oil recovery of palm fruit and olives. Jerry W. King with the Univ. of Arkansas will discuss supercritical fluid extraction and its use in the nutraceutical/functional food marketplace, such as antioxidants. Kirthi DeSilva with CSIRO will explore the use of forward osmosis for low energy concentration in food production and as an alternative technology to thermal evaporation in dairy applications.

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