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Phi Tau Sigma & IFT Announce Division Competition Winners

BY: Kelly Hensel

On Saturday afternoon, Phi Tau Sigma and IFT paid tribute and awarded student finalists of the division poster competition. Students from many universities across the globe received certificates and awards in various categories based on the division discipline, such as Aquatic Food Products, Dairy, and Nonthermal Processing.

Congratulations to the following winners of the Phi Tau Sigma scholarships and awards:

Daryl B. Lund International Scholarship: Caroline Campbell (North Carolina State University)

Phi Tau Sigma Student Achievement Scholarships: Yue Cui (University of Georgia), Simran Kaur (Purdue University), and Ty Wagoner (North Carolina State University)

Gideon “Guy” Livingston Award: Nathalie Plundrich (North Carolina State University)

Phi Tau Sigma Chapter of the Year: Purdue University Hoosier Chapter

Phi Tau Sigma Special Recognition Award: Ken Lee, PhD (Hawkins Inc.)


Several hundred papers were submitted for the division poster competition. The awards ceremony recognized the finalists and the first-, second-, and third-place winners. The first-place winners in each division category are as follows:

AAFSIS: Gayathri Balakrishnan (University of Florida)

Aquatic Food Products Division: Sophia Pollack (Chapman University)

Biotechnology Division: Martina Buchholz (University of Georgia)

Carbohydrate Division: Ali Ubeyitogullari (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Dairy Division: Brandon Carter (North Carolina State University)

Food Engineering Division: Mingyong Zhou (University of Connecticut)

Food Microbiology Division: Divek Valsala Devi Thankappan Nair (University of Minnesota)

Food Packaging Division: Xi Wu (Purdue University)

Foodservice Division: Hannah Lockhart (California Baptist University)

Fruit & Vegetable Division: Ai Sato (North Carolina State University)

International Division: Sage Haggard (University of Illinois)

Muscle Foods: Kathryn McCullough (Colorado State University)

Nonthermal Division: Christian Hertwig (Leibniz Institute Potsdam)

Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods Division: Candice Mazewski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Nutrition Division: Karthikeyan Jagadeesan Sankaran (Rutgers)

Product Development Division: Cheikh Ndiaye (Purdue University)

Protein Division: Chelsey Hinnenkamp (University of Minnesota)

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods: Cesar Galindo Perez (Louisiana State University)

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Division: Adeseye Lasekan (University of Maine)

4 Responses to “Phi Tau Sigma & IFT Announce Division Competition Winners”

  1. Prof.Liu says:

    A poster have several authors,but only one author’s name is in the award certificate ,This is not fair!We need all.

  2. Prof.Liu says:

    Award certificate would be all authors

  3. Arthar says:

    All the finalists in each division should be listed, as well as the second and third place winner.

  4. Kelly Hensel says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We will make sure to include that information next year.

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