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‘Fresh’ Foods through High Pressure Processing

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Hot Topic Session: Advances in High Pressure Processing for Healthier Foods
Session 031
Sunday, July 17, 2:00–3:30 p.m.
Room N427bc

Over the past five years or so, high pressure processing (HPP) has emerged to become a leading option for the production of meats, premium fruit juices, seafood, and vegetable soups. More than 100 food companies worldwide are using HPP to meet consumer demand for foods that are healthier, fresher, more natural (reduced additives and preservatives for a clean label) and safe for extended shelf life chilled products. With the U.S. as the largest manufacturer and consumer of HPP products, the value of HPP products in the North American market is growing rapidly, projected to reach about $14 billion annually by 2018, and the HPP equipment market is growing in an exponential fashion. This symposium will cover a cross-section of the state of current commercialization of HPP and future innovations.

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