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Have You Downloaded the IFT16 App?


Make the most efficient use of your time at IFT16. With the app, you can access floor plans, exhibitor details, session & poster information, connect with attendees, and much more.

  • Browse and bookmark events and exhibitors
  • Share your experiences using the Activity Feed and in our new discussion Channels
  • Increase your efficiency by locating exhibitor booths on the interactive Map
  • Receive important real-time event communications via Push Notifications
  • Connect with your colleagues and customers using the Attendees feature
  • Organize your time and plan your session schedule with My Agenda
  • Check out new product introductions in What’s New
  • Use Taste the Expo to find samples on the expo floor

Get the App
The mobile app is available for download through the App Store and Google Play app store (search IFT16). Or go to: http://ddut.ch/ift16.

It’s Gametime! Play The Surge
New for IFT16 is the in-app game, The Surge. Be on the look-out for daily push notifications that notify you of SURGE times and direct you to special SURGE locations. First and second place prizes will be awarded. Don’t miss you chance to win, be sure to have Push Notifications turned on.

Central Time Zone
The IFT16 mobile app is automatically set to the Central Time (CDT) zone.

2 Responses to “Have You Downloaded the IFT16 App?”

  1. Charles M. Breen says:

    Setting up an app profile requires access to twitter, facebook, or linkedin.

    If you can’t provide an app that is independent of other apps, I’m not interested.

  2. Kelly Hensel says:

    Hi Charles. The app allows you to connect to your different social media accounts but you don’t have to in order to create a profile. All you need is an email address and then click “create manually” when it asks if you want to import your profile from LinkedIn. Then you only need to enter your name, title and company. If you have any further questions about the app you can email Bridgette Smith at bsmith@ift.org.

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