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SureProtein WPC550 – Whey Protein Concentrate

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Whey proteinFonterra (USA) Inc., Booth 4777

SureProtein WPC550 is a unique ingredient as it delivers the convenience of an ambient stable UHT beverage with high levels of whey protein, without compromising taste and texture, which is not possible with other commercially-available whey products. SureProtein WPC550 (Whey Protein Concentrate) is the latest addition to the NZMP range of functional whey ingredient solutions. These specialized ingredients combine the ‘gold standard’ nutritional properties of whey protein with functionality tailored to make them suitable for use in their targeted applications, typically high protein sports beverages and medical foods. SureProtein WPC550 is manufactured using a proprietary process making it heat stable, while maintaining low viscosity at high protein addition levels.


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