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Liquid Shio Koji (salt with malted rice)

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Liquid Shio KojiHanamaruki Foods Inc., Booth 462

Liquid type salt malted rice koji produced by fermented rice koji and salt. Enzymes in the koji bring out the umami of food. Easy to measure and can be used like soy sauce or mirin sweet cooking sake. The liquid shio koji has 4 functions:

  1. Umami Enhancer: Increasing the amino acid, it helps to make the dish tasy and can reduce salt.
  2. Masking Effect: Typical strong smell of fishes or meats become verry little.
  3. Water Retention: Increasing water-retaining capacity of meats or fishes. Makes less dry and juicy taste.
  4. Tenderizing Effect: Breakdown of connective tissue makes the meat tender and enables you to digest easily.


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