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Documentary to Bring Clarity to the Food Debate

BY: Bob Swientek
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FutureFood film DocumentaryThrough its FutureFood 2050 program (www.futurefood2050.com) of stories on 75 thought leaders, scientists and food policy makers on topics ranging from food waste and obesity to food security and water, IFT has become an integral part of the conversation on how we are going to feed 9+ billion people by 2050. The program also includes a film documentary currently being shot and edited by Academy Award nominee and director Scott Hamilton Kennedy and producer and writer Trace Sheehan. The filmmakers sat down with IFT President-Elect and moderator John Coupland to discuss the film at a General Session on Tuesday morning.

We live in an age of distrust, said Hamilton Kennedy. People are cynical and do not know who or what to trust. We want to tell the differing sides of the food debate and bring clarity to what is healthy, nutritious and sustainable food … and do it in an engaging way, said Hamilton Kennedy. The film will explore the issue of feeding 9+ billion people by 2050 and how to do it without harming the planet. It will also look at the GMO issue in the context of fears about other food-related issues and science and technology.

Attendees were shown some of the raw footage shot for the film, including a scientist in Hawaii who worked on genetically engineered papaya, an organic small-holder farmer in Uganda, a farmer in South Africa, and a food journalist in the U.S. The film, which has a working title of Food Evolution, is expected to be completed in the fall and will be submitted to film festivals. But its distribution can expand beyond that to screenings at universities, cable television, Netflix, and other digital channels.

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