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Jungbunzlauer Offers Solutions to Reducing Sodium and Sugar

BY: Karen Nachay
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Reducing sodium and sugar while maintaining the quality of the food or beverage product is important to product developers. Jungbunzlauer (booth 1002) will have two product concepts that address sodium and sugar reduction available to sample.

Reduced-sodium chicken nuggets are formulated with sub4salt patented mineral salt blend. The ingredient can achieve a 25% sodium reduction. When it is used in combination with the company’s lactate/diacetate blends or sub4salt reduced-sodium curing salt, the resulting sodium reduction is more than 50%. Dipping sauces made with sub4salt for sodium reduction, xanthan gum for viscosity, and lactic acid for flavor and preservation will accompany the chicken nuggets.

Erylite Stevia helps reduce sugar in ice cream without affecting taste, according to the company. The ingredient is a blend of erythritol and the rebaudioside A compound from stevia. It does not contain flavorings or masking agents. Xanthan gum from the company is used to control ice crystal formation and improve the texture and mouthfeel of the ice cream.

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