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Innovation and Trends in New Product Development

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BY: IFT Staff

Session 118
Tuesday, July 14; 1:15–2:45 p.m.
Room S501abc

The worldwide consumer demand for safe, healthy food (both fresh and processed) with desirable organoleptic properties and high nutritive value has driven innovation in product development. One approach in meeting this demand has been to reformulate traditional products so that they contain more natural ingredients and less fat, sugar, salt, artificial colors, and preservatives. However, these reformulated products may lose taste, texture, color, and nutritional properties if they undergo severe heat treatments to extend shelf-life and ensure consumer safety.

Novel processing technologies such as high pressure processing and pulsed electric field processing can assist in manufacturing safe and high quality foods and beverages while overcoming product degradation that is frequently associated with conventional preservation methods.

This session provides an overview of the current status and future role of emerging processing and packaging technologies in food product development. Challenges associated with the successful commercialization of products produced using novel technologies, including safety and regulatory requirements, as well as consumer acceptability of such products will also be presented.

Presented by: Wouter De Heij, Top b.v.; Sandra Olivier, CSIRO; Lu Ann Williams, Innova; Larry Keener, International Product Safety Consultants

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