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Fresh Insights Into Fermented Functional Foods

BY: Mary Ellen Kuhn
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Session 121
Tuesday, July 14; 1:15–2:45 p.m.
Room S502

YogurtFermented foods are attracting attention for their health benefits, especially in the area of digestive health, making this session on fermented functional foods a timely one. It has been planned to provide information on recent developments in the fermented functional foods category, highlighting benefits and identifying technology gaps and opportunities. It will also include an historical perspective on this important product category.

Kellogg scientist Ifendu Nnanna will set the stage for the symposium with an introductory discussion of global fermented foods trends. Presenter Edward R. Farnworth, author of The Handbook of Fermented Functional Foods, will share information about the fermented milk product kefir.

Presenters Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello and Nesli Sozer will turn their attention to gluten-free. Rizzello will consider cereal fermentation for gluten-free products, and Sozer will discuss hybrid processing strategies for gluten-free foods. Finally, presenter Januana Teixeira will share information on protein conversion to bioactives in sourdough products.

Presented by: Ifendu Nnanna, Kellogg Co.; Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello, University of Bari; Nesli Sozer, Helsinki University; Edward R. Farnworth; and Januana Teixeira.

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