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Everyone’s Talking About Cooking Up Sorghum

BY: Mary Ellen Kuhn
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Marc ForgioneSorghum played a starring role in Monday’s Cooking Up Science session featuring celebrity chef Marc Forgione and sponsored by the United Sorghum Checkoff Program.

Forgione, winner of season three of the Food Network’s Next Iron Chef competition, said he got interested in cooking with sorghum about two years ago when he started to look at gluten-free alternatives to address some of his own health issues. He started going gluten-free and found that he felt better and lost weight. Discovering sorghum as an ingredient—and using it in products including bread, pasta, and risotto—“really kind of opened up my world,” Forgione said.

Monday’s Cooking Up Science audience got to watch as Forgione whipped up a recipe for popcorn shrimp that he created for his New York City–based steakhouse, American Cut. The recipe did incorporate popcorn, but the special feature was the inclusion of popped sorghum.

The chef used a food mill to make a puree from a mixture of cooked popcorn and popped sorghum to which he had added milk and a generous amount of butter. “The first time we did this, we could not believe how much it looked like polenta,” Forgione said. He also added a dash of green tabasco, shredded cheese, and salt to the mixture.

Forgione then garnished marinated shrimp with the sorghum puree, added a wedge of lime, a spice blend, and some micro parsley, and voila!—the Marc Forgione version of popcorn shrimp. Several attendees got to taste Forgione’s creation, and everyone who attended received a copy of his recipe for popcorn shrimp.

Cooking Up Science session moderator Jane Dummer, a consultant and food blogger, said popping sorghum is available at a variety of retailers. Sorghum is a sustainable, non-GMO crop that is a good source of fiber and a boon to digestive health. Forgione said that sorghum, which is considered an ancient grain, performs a little bit like quinoa in recipes.

Other Cooking Up Science sponsors at IFT15 included PureCircle, the Almond Board of California, Solazyme, Qualisoy, and Bunge.

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