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Unwrapping Science, Wellness, and Value Aspects of Processed Foods

BY: Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
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Where Do Science, Nutrition and Health, and Product Value Fit in the Conversation About Processed/Packaged Foods?

Session 059
Monday, July 13; 10–11 a.m.
Room S505

Packaged foodsAs consumers experience greater awareness of the role food plays in maintaining their health, they are turning increasingly to “whole,” organic, unprocessed foods, believing that these offer benefits that packaged, processed foods cannot provide. In this session, the speakers will discuss how these perceptions shape consumers’ purchasing and eating behaviors and explore ways to reframe how packaged foods are positioned to improve customers’ understanding of the part they can play in helping them meet their nutritional goals. Mario Ferruzzi will lead off the presentation with an overview of the ways food science and technology provide safe, nutritious, and affordable foods. Marianne Smith Edge will discuss consumers’ knowledge of the benefits of processed foods and how terminology associated with them affects acceptance. Robert L. Thompson will talk about processed foods as they contribute to the overall global food supply, providing affordability and increased nutrition through fortification; he will also examine the role processing plays in creating sustainable products while boosting food security and reducing waste. Robert C. Post will wrap up the session with a discussion about science-driven messaging on packages and how labeling transparency has proven beneficial to the manufacturers who have chosen to employ it, namely by driving consumer understanding, trust, and acceptance of those foods.

Presented by: Mario Ferruzzi, Marianne Smith Edge, Robert L. Thompson, and Robert C. Post

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