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Stevia Ingredient Solutions for Dairy Applications

BY: Kelly Hensel
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Cooking Up ScienceSoon after the IFT15 food expo floor opened on Sunday, July 12, Andy Chlebana, pastry chef at Joliet Junior College and winner of Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship, demonstrated two recipes using PureCircle’s new stevia Matrix Solutions line in the Cooking Up Science event booth. John Martin, PureCircle’s global director of technical development and innovation, kicked off the 30-minute demonstration with a brief explanation of the company’s newly launched Sigma-Dairy (Sigma-D) and Sigma-Tea (Sigma-T) ingredients. These are the first two products in the company’s Matrix Solutions line, which is aimed at providing customized stevia solutions for specific applications. This, according to Martin, will allow for food manufacturers to reduce development time and bring products to the market faster since they won’t have to spend time guessing at which stevia ingredients to use and in what ratio.

Chef Chlebana then took the stage to demonstrate how Sigma-D can be used in two different dairy prototypes: an instant chocolate mousse and a mango smoothie. The addition of Sigma-D in the chocolate mousse allows for about a 50% reduction in sugar, and as Chlebana explained the final product still has the texture and mouthfeel you would expect from a mousse. Interestingly, Chlebana noted that the Sigma-D boosted the flavor of the mango in the smoothie.

After the cooking demonstration, attendees were encouraged to sample the mousse and smoothie in addition to tea that contained PureCircle’s Sigma-T ingredient.


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