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Packaging Materials to Enhance Food Quality and Safety

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Session 024
Sunday, July 12; 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Room S505

Packaging exists to make consumers’ lives easier, containing our food, protecting it from the outside environment, providing convenience, and giving information about its content. Packaging systems are key tools in extending the shelf life of food by maintaining quality, ensuring safety, and monitoring/acquiring information regarding food performance through distribution.

Thus, packaging plays a vital role in preserving and ensuring safe food throughout the distribution chain. Special attention should be given to the packaging material chosen to protect and transport our food, as it must comply with existing government regulations and food requirements. This session will open with an overview of methods and approaches used by the regulatory agency FDA to evaluate the safety of food packaging materials. Recent research and new trends in food packaging technologies will also be discussed, including modified atmosphere for fresh produce. Furthermore, the symposium will address questions like: “Are new food packaging technologies meeting today’s expectations and needs of consumers?” and “What do the consumers and food industry need to know about these new technologies?”

Presented by: Timothy Begley, FDA; Shehbaz Singh, Apio; Eva Almenar, Michigan State Univ.

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