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Improving Dairy Processing Through Sustainable Technologies

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Session 007
Sunday, July 12; 8:30–10:00 a.m.
Room S402

Scale-up data from pilot plant trials will highlight how emerging technologies can be integrated in the current food processing environment. Speakers in this session will focus on use of these new technologies (i.e., nanocomposite coating of heat transfer surfaces to improve product quality and reduce surface fouling and energy utilization, electrowave technology to better recover minerals and reduce waste streams in acid whey, and sonocrystallization to better recover sugars and reduce waste). These technologies may help dairy, food, and beverage processors to manufacture food more efficiently through reducing food waste, energy, water, and cleaning chemicals and add value to current waste streams.

Presented by: Julie Goddard, Univ. of Massachusetts; Lloyd Metzger, South Dakota State Univ.; Jayendra Amamcharla, Kansas State Univ.

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