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The Power of Probiotics

BY: Melanie Zanoza Bartelme
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Adding Value to Food and Nutrition Through Probiotics: Present Status and Future Perspective

Session 037
Sunday, July 12; 1:30­–3 p.m.
Room S504abc

Probiotics have continued to serve as a topic of interest in discussions about health and wellness. Thanks to their impact on the human gut, probiotics are thought to improve overall health by fostering the growth of gut microbiota. In this session, J. B. Prajapati will provide an overview of scientific evidence related to the impact of probiotics on health and disease before Suja Senan discusses how gut bacteria and probiotics may impact obesity and weight gain. James L. Steele will talk about the challenges that lie in connecting clinical studies to the substantiation of health claims and how genomics may help by identifying biomarkers. Finally, Arthur Ouwehand will explore types of biopolymers that can help preserve the function of probiotics once inside the human body and discuss the human gastrointestinal tract model he has recently helped create; this model correlates with clinical trial data and shows promise as a useful tool in proving the efficacy of probiotics.

Presented by: J. B. Prajapati, Suja Senan, James L. Steele, and Arthur Ouwehand

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