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Hot Topic: Child Nutrition

BY: Kelly Hensel
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Child Nutrition and its Impact on Health Outcomes & Implications
Session 110
Tuesday, July 14; 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Room N427bc

A new focus is on childhood nutrition and the thought is to address the most pressing challenges/developments in product development targeting nutrition for children. What is the latest in research and novel applications, ingredients, formulation, etc. with regards to nutritional products for children? One other critical topic initially on the list to consider for 2015 was lipids and their role in brain function, consider addressing (cognitive development) as well in this topic? Progress on what is being done e.g. research, industry initiatives. Some companies are developing programs/products to address new needs. Pressure on restaurants to provide nutritional menu items for children; manufacturing challenges/changes to formulas to provide healthy choices.

Presented by: Susan Carlson, Kansas State University; Lynda O’Neill, Nestle Nutrition; and Heather Eicher-Miller, Purdue University

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