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Home » Product Development » Kikkoman Showcases Umami Enhancement, Sodium Reduction

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Kikkoman Showcases Umami Enhancement, Sodium Reduction

BY: Karen Nachay

A range of flavorful sauces help to reduce sodium and enhance umami taste in product concepts introduced by Kikkoman Sales USA, Booth 3040.

Two of the concepts were inspired by Cajun cuisine but have a spicy kick from one of the more popular hot sauces on the culinary scene today. Kikkoman’s new Kikkoman Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce gives a hot pepper flavor to Remoulade Dip with Shrimp Crackers and Reduced-sodium Traditional Gumbo. Both concepts feature Kikkoman Premium Less Sodium Soy Sauce that allows for reduced sodium without compromising full flavor. The soy sauce has 45% less sodium than regular soy sauce and provides sweet-salty flavor and beefy notes to food. With the Remoulade Dip with Shrimp Crackers and Reduced-sodium Traditional Gumbo prototypes, Kikkoman experts show how the company’s soy sauce ingredients can be used for flavor enhancement in non-Asian cuisine applications without giving a distinctive Asian cuisine flavor.

Another reduced-sodium product concept is Asian-style Soup Broth formulated with Dehydrated Natural Flavor Enhancer-Powder with Yeast Extract. The ingredient helps boost umami taste while reducing sodium up to 30%. Finally, Kikkoman offers a new spin on hummus with the addition of Kikkoman Clear Soy Sauce PK-56, which is useful in applications that are light in color. It provides the sweet and salty components to applications without the dark amber color of traditional soy sauce.

Kikkoman offers a full line of Asian sauces and seasonings for product developers interested in formulating authentic Asian entrees or adding spicy flavor to snacks and other applications. Stop by the booth to learn about all of the company’s offerings from Thai Style Chili and Sriracha sauces to Hoisin and the new Granulated Gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce.


2 Responses to “Kikkoman Showcases Umami Enhancement, Sodium Reduction”

  1. chuck ehemann says:

    what is the ingredient statement on the 45% reduced sodium soy sauce?
    thank you.

  2. Kelly Hensel says:

    Hi Chuck,
    You can find the ingredient list on their website here:
    Hope that helps!
    Kelly Hensel

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