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The Future of Smart Packaging

BY: Kelly Hensel

Session 008
June 22; 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Room 391

Food packaging plays a vital role in preserving food throughout the distribution chain. Packaging exists to make our life easier, contain our food, protect it from the outside environment, for convenience, and also to relay information about its content. The research community and the packaging industry continuously strive to address ever-changing consumer and retailer demands and the available technologies are ever-evolving.

Active and intelligent packaging systems provide one important toolbox to extend food shelf-life, enhance quality, ensure safety, and to monitor/acquire information regarding product performance through distribution. In this Sunday morning session, Kay Cooksey, Professor and Cryovac Endowed Chair in the Packaging Science Program at Clemson University, will discuss recent innovations in active and intelligent packaging technology, production methods, and proof of concept. In addition, she will highlight challenges still facing the field.

Sunil Mangalassary, Food Science and Technology at California State University, Los Angeles, will look into the effect of mode of incorporation of antimicrobials such as coating onto prepared film vs. incorporation into the film.

The third presenter, Maxine Roman, Ph.D. candidate at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, will describe new developments in the synthesis of non-migratory metal chelating active packaging materials and their applications in maintaining food quality and safety in packaged food systems.

Finally, Tom Dunn, Managing Director of Flexpacknology LLC, will conclude the session by covering some commercial applications of active and intelligent packaging.

4 Responses to “The Future of Smart Packaging”

  1. Yanina Albornoz says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed the presentations of this session.
    It was very educational, and I would like to share the information with my coworkers.
    How can I get a copy of the presentations?

  2. Kelly Hensel says:

    Hi Yanina,
    If you were a paid attendee to the Annual Meeting you will receive a link to access the Digital Library sometime this month. If you did not attend the Annual Meeting you can purchase access to the Digital Library shortly. More information can be found here:
    Kelly Hensel

  3. Yanina Albornoz says:

    Thanks Kelly.
    I did paid for the educational sessions. However, I did not get “scanned” at the beginning of this session. There was nobody at the table outside the conference room, like in other sessions I attended.

  4. Kelly Hensel says:

    Hi Yanina,
    Anyone who is a full paid registrant will receive access to the Digital Library mid to late August (whether your badge was scanned or not). From there you will be able to download copies of the presentations. Keep an eye out for an email with access information.
    Kelly Hensel

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