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TIC Gums Inc.: Booth 421

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Trend: Rediscovering Texture – Snap, Crackle, & Pop

Product: Ticaloid Syrup SF1

Reduce carbohydrate and calorie intake without losing the texture. Sugar free products available today tend not be accurate representations of their full sugar counterparts. Once sugar is removed, not only is the sweetness lost but so is the texture. The sweetness can be mimicked with high intensity sweeteners but not the cohesiveness, denseness, mouth coating, mouth clearing, surface film, uniformity, etc.

We focused on applications that have a syrup base, glazes, marinades, sauces, beverages, table syrup, etc. With our new Ticaloid Syrup SF1, we can come close to matching those attributes lost with sugar removal.

Stop by booth #421 and try for yourself. Our finished syrup has less carbohydrates and calories – you won’t miss them.

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