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Heracles II Electronic Nose

BY: Kelly Hensel
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Heracles II Electronic NoseALPHA M.O.S.’ (booth 4108) Heracles II Electronic Nose uses fast gas chromotography with two columns of different polarities mounted in parallel and connected to two detectors. It has high repeatability (RSD < 0.3% on retention times and RSD <3% on peak areas) allowing headspace or liquid injection modes. The integrated solid adsorbent trap thermo-regulated by Peltier cooler (0-260°C) achieves pre-concentration of light volatiles. Fast column heating rates (up to 600°C/min) make typical analysis cycle time around 5 min.

The PC interface monitors parameters settings, programs, FID ignition, etc. Besides classical chromatography, it provides powerful tools such as sample fingerprint analysis & comparison, qualitative and quantitative models, quality control cards. The database integrates info on sensory features linked to the chromatograms peaks. Compounds and sensory info are classified by application area. This integrated database (Kovats indices) also facilitates peak identification; it can be enriched with user data.

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