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Salt Replacers, Reducers

BY: Kelly Hensel
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Salt ShakerWith the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans that were released at the beginning of this year, the U.S. government now advises that more than half of the population needs to drastically cut their daily salt intake. Several food companies have already introduced initiatives to cut sodium and introduced low-sodium alternatives, but the efforts continue. Here are some new products/services that move us closer to the Dietary Guidelines’ goal:

  • Cargill’s (booth 6039) FlakeSelect reduced sodium system: A new sodium reduction system being launched at IFT.
  • Kikkoman Sales USA’s (booth 4728) NFE natural flavor enhancers: The new line includes one liquid and two dry versions of powerful umami flavor boosters. Incorporating NFE can allow sodium reduction of 30–50% while keeping the label clean.
  • Kudos Blends Ltd.’s (booth 7946) KUDOS Potassium Bicarbonate: Gives bakers and bakery suppliers the opportunity to reduce sodium levels without compromising product quality, volume, taste, or texture.
  • Levapan SA’s (booth 4208) Salt Replacer: A natural, clean label containing yeast extract. Serves as a building block for substituting salt as high as 45% and reducing sodium up to 45% in typical food formulations.
  • Novozymes’ (booth 3829) Protamex and Flavourzyme: Enzymatic solutions such as Protamex and Flavourzyme can produce meat protein extract (MPE) from a range of raw materials such as turkey, chicken, pork, beef, and even fish. After its injection or tumbling into processed meats, MPE preserves the taste and properties of the end product while effectively reducing the salt content.
  • Savoury Systems International Inc.’s (booth 4113) #0885 Salt Replacer: Based on yeast extract, it will be shown at IFT’s Food Expo in a chicken noodle soup. Amino acids in the yeast extract help increase savory notes, in turn rounding out flavors so that the sodium is not missed in the final application.

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