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New Equipment, Technology

BY: Kelly Hensel
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Although equipment and technology sometimes takes a backseat to new product introductions, none of the new products would exist without the advances in equipment and technology. This year’s Food Expo show floor will abound with exciting new equipment and technology that will enable the advancement of food product development in the coming years:

  • Alpha M.O.S.’ (booth 4108) IRIS Visual Analyzer (electronic eye) analyzes complex food and packaging products. Upon measuring qualitative and quantitative attributes, the IRIS can be used in product development and at-line quality control.
  • C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc.’s (booth 5100) new Farinograph-AT has advancements that center around the automatic water dosing system which eliminates the potential for operator error during the addition of water to the flour in the mixer measuring head. The new model offers a higher torque range which is better suited when investigating various speed profiles and calculating missing energy for new applications including chocolate, chewing gum, cheese, meat, fish, full formula dough, etc.
  • Crystal Chem Inc.’s (booth 3905) Lateral Flow Kits are qualitative assays for the determination of milk, egg, wheat, and buckwheat proteins in both raw and processed foods. The kits have a sensitivity of as low as 5 ppm and are fast and easy to use.
  • Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.’s (booth 4754) FlowCAM with Front-Fill Illumination particle imaging and analysis system is the world’s first to feature bidirectional front and back lighting which illuminates the surfaces of opaque particles and reveals their true colors and textures. Replacing two-dimensional, black silhouettes with shapely, three-dimensional images, the FlowCAM Front-Fill Illumination combines both bright field and dark field microscopy in a single unit.
  • Matcon’s (booth 3759) Flexi Batch Micro Formulation System is an automatic formulation machine for very small components of a recipe—typically up to 10 kg with accuracy of about 4 g. Multiple raw ingredients are stored in easily detachable polyethylene bottles which are moved to a single dosing point on a rotating carousel, then dosed according to recipe requirements.
  • Rudolph Research Analytical’s (booth 4101) J457 Refractometer has several innovations for the food industry: smart measure system reports prism cleanliness, totally free operation where sample loading and cleaning is automatic, and detection of improper sample loading. The refractometer has a wide measuring range making it capable of measuring materials like essential oils and food chemicals.

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