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Sampling the Expo—Part 2

BY: James Baran
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by Donald E. Pszczola

Photo copyright (c) iStockphoto.com/laylandmasudaAs Bob Dylan might put it if he was a food commentator, new flavors and ingredients are certainly ‘blowin’ in the wind,’ at this year’s IFT Food Expo. Let’s look at a few more exciting prototypes that not only demonstrate the functionality and health benefits of a number of ingredients, but may just satisfy your hunger (or thirst) as well.

● Quenching desires. Under the “Garden of Flavors” theme, a number of prototypes from Virginia Dare, Booth 4023, highlight trendy new flavors, varieties of vanilla, assorted teas, and various masking flavors. A variety of beverage formulations are available that provide fresh and aromatic experiences. Some of these concepts include Strawberry Crème Green Tea, Fair Trade Vanilla Tea Beverage, Cherry Blossom Lemonade, and Smooth-T Trendy Beverage made with sugar alternatives and masking agents.

● Indian inspiration. Indian-inspired prototypes, Chicken Tikka and Jeera Rice Pilaf, awaken the senses with mouth-watering flavors and rich aromas. The dishes feature new technologies developed by Griffith Laboratories, Booth 4850. OptiYield™ is a customizable technology that provides improved yield effectiveness and eating qualities of meat products. NaRedux™ is a new solution for reducing sodium without compromising taste and product functionality.

● Sweet ideas. New concepts featured by Wild Flavors, Booth 3400, incorporate stevia and taste modification solutions for stevia. These prototypes include a peach-flavored iced tea, a chocolate chip cookie with 50% less sugar, and a sugar-free blueberry-acai pomegranate hard candy. The hard candy has the added benefit of using a natural, acid-stable blue color.

● Umami taste demonstrations. Prototypes developed by Nikken Foods USA Inc., Booth 6038, are prepared using ingredients designed to enhance umami impact and to increase overall flavor perceptions. Enjoy the mild, earthy mushroom flavor of sauces formulated with Mushroom Extract Powder 2135.  Or a cream-based salad dressing with the umami taste of Anchovy Extract Powder 1101.

●The three Fs. Under the theme, “Food. Formulate. Fabulous,” Corn Products International, Booth 4813, showcases several prototypes made with sweeteners, texturants, and nutritional ingredients. Among the products for tasting are a reduced-calorie guarana-flavored energy drink with Purimune™ high-purity GOS to support immune health; a reduced-sugar key lime frozen yogurt, naturally sweetened with Enliten® high-intensity sweetener from the stevia plant and enriched with BioAgave™ inulin fiber; a margherita pizza featuring a gluten-free crust formulation with Expandex® modified tapioca starch; and other formulations delivering full indulgence with health-related benefits.

●What’s next for almonds? That question is answered by Almond Board of California, Booth 5647, and research chef John Csukor who prepares a variety of formulations using diverse forms of almonds. Almonds can help boost flavor, texture, and nutrition profile of products representing a wide variety of categories, and can help differentiate or upscale products in the marketplace. Attendees are able to sample the formulations created by the chef and learn more about the use of almonds in new products worldwide.

● Tricking the senses? How to trick the senses through the use of flavors is demonstrated by Gold Coast Ingredients, Booth 6025. Asian-inspired finger foods present a feast for the eyes but a surprise to the palate. A full range of flavors is available that can help the formulator create the precise experience to excite the sensations.

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