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2010 IFT Fellows

BY: James Baran
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by Kelly Frederick

Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred on individuals with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience for their contributions to the food science and technology field. The nominee must have been an IFT Member for 15 years and a Professional Member at the time of nomination. The 15-year member requirement may be waived by the Fellows Jury for those nominees who have spent all or a portion of their careers outside the United States.

IFT has conferred the Fellow designation on a select number of Professional Members every year since 1970. A complete list of Fellows can be found on the IFT website at ift.org.

Noel Anderson Noel Anderson, Vice President, Worldwide Technical Insights, PepsiCo, was honored for creating collaborations between industry, government, and international groups and for his work with universities and students to promote continuums between the academic and professional sector.
Alice Cha Alice Cha, , Research Principal in Ingredient and Process Research, Kraft Foods–Glenview Technology Center, was recognized for being an expert in hydrocolloid chemistry and its application in food texture as well as for her in-depth knowledge of ingredient interactions in food products.
J. Peter Clark J. Peter Clark, Consulting Engineer, was honored for his contributions to the design and construction of innovative food facilities, his pioneering process research, and his contributions to the profession through his publications.
Hamed Faridi Hamed Faridi, Vice President of Research and Development, McCormick & Co., was recognized for his accomplishments in cereal science, his innovation in nutrition, and his progressive application of food science to the industry.
Anne Goldman Anne Goldman, Vice President of Consumer Research, ACCE International, was honored for international leadership in the integration of consumer sensory science to the product development process working with cross-functional business teams.
David Patrick Green David Patrick Green, Professor and Department Extension Leader, North Carolina State University, was recognized for outstanding contributions in engaging industry, government, and academia worldwide to advance seafood science and technology.
Robert Hutkins Robert Hutkins, Professor, University of Nebraska, was honored for his research on probiotics and prebiotics and for his dedicated teaching and mentoring of food science and food microbiology students.
Cherl-Ho Lee Cherl-Ho Lee, Professor, Korea University, was recognized for fostering international collaboration in food fermentation technology and for his outstanding research efforts.
Rui Hai Liu Rui Hai Liu, Associate Professor, Cornell University, was honored for his expertise on bioactive compounds, functional foods, and nutraceuticals, and for his innovative work in whole food synergy and bioactive compounds in the prevention of chronic diseases.
Kenneth McMillin Kenneth McMillin, Professor, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, was honored for his outstanding achievements in meat and food processing, packaging, and safety, as well as international training in these areas.
Jonathan Merkle Jonathan Merkle, Vice President, Research and Development/Technical Services, Michael Foods Inc., was recognized for his excellence in mentoring food science students and for providing dynamic leadership within IFT.
Charles Onwulata Charles Onwulata, Lead Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, was recognized for outstanding research in the areas of extrusion processing, microencapsulation and food structuring, leading to successful commercialized texturized whey products.
Robert Ross Robert E. Ross, President, Business and Technical Consulting LLC, was honored for his contributions to the food industry in creating and growing businesses globally by the development and exchange of new products and technologies.
Skip Rosskam Skip Rosskam, President and Chief Operating Officer, David Michael and Co., was honored for his contributions in the commercialization of innovative flavors, enabling the development of new or improved products.
Donald Schaffner Donald Schaffner, Extension Specialist in Food Science, and Director of the Center for Advanced Food Technology, Rutgers University, was recognized for integrating research in microbiology, modeling, and risk assessment into extraordinary programs to improve food safety through education of students, industry, and the public.
Arthur Teixeira Arthur Teixeira, Professor, University of Florida, was honored as a leading educator in food engineering with accomplishments in simulation, optimization, and control of thermal processing operations.
Youling Xiong Youling Xiong, Professor, University of Kentucky, was honored for his innovative research on protein and peptide functionality and muscle food processing and his sustained contributions to food science and technology education.

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